• made of whole foods
    concentrated nutrients, vitamins,
    and herbal
    whole food
    take in capsules, add to soups, sallads, smoothies
    and minerals
  • freeze dried acai berry powder
    resveratrol, grape seed,
    high potency formulation:
    Promotes Heart Health
    Supports Immunity
    Boosts Cognition
    100 capsules
    and pomegranate

Whole Food Herbal Supplements

Welcome to BH Supplements! We are happy to offer you top quality food and herbal supplements, made in the UK. All our products are superfoods, natural ingredients, and herbal formulas created by master herbalists and expert nutritionists. Besides, many alternative health specialists have been recommending our products to their clients for decades. In a nutshell, our supplements contain a unique blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that provide multiple health benefits. In the UK, food supplements are required to be regulated as foods and are subject to the provisions of general food law. 

We source our products from a UK manufacturer with 20 years’ experience. Our supplier is registered as a Food Business Establishment and Trading Standards, under the Food Safety Act 1990.  Each product contains the highest quality ingredients, according to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards, with a guaranteed quality and traceability. Read more about BH Supplements and quality.

Effective Food Form Supplements With Added Herbs

Many of our supplements belong to the food form category. This means that their nutritional quality equals the raw food ingredients they were made from. Therefore, the body recognises these supplements as food and absorbs all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals without problems. In contrary, some supplements on the market are processed in a way that makes them ineffective because the human body doesn't recognise them as food. Instead, the body just eliminates most of them through the urinary system.

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