• made of whole foods
    concentrated nutrients, vitamins,
    and herbal
    whole food
    take in capsules, add to soups, sallads, smoothies
    and minerals
  • freeze dried acai berry powder
    resveratrol, grape seed,
    high potency formulation:
    Promotes Heart Health
    Supports Immunity
    Boosts Cognition
    100 capsules
    and pomegranate

Whole Food Herbal Supplements

Many of our supplements belong to the food form category. This means that their nutritional quality equals the raw food ingredients they were made from. Therefore, the body recognises these supplements as food and absorbs all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals without problems. In contrary, some supplements on the market are processed in a way that makes them ineffective because the human body doesn't recognise them as food. Instead, the body just eliminates most of them through the urinary system.

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