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Simple Ways to Support Your Immune System

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One of the signs of good health is a strong immune system. More than ever, immunity has become the centre of focus.  Many experts have been expressing their views on this topic in the past few months. There is so much information floating on the Internet about immunity that it would take months to read it and analyse. The question is: What can we do right now?

Our Previous Blogs About Immunity

I have already written a blog with the title Seven Things You Need to Know to Keep Your Immune System Strong. The seven things written in the blog are 1) healthy, balanced diet 2) supporting your body’s detox processes 3) practising a balanced lifestyle 4) engaging in natural energy-boosting activities 6) minimising social stress 6) finding your own biorhythm 7) changing your thoughts and emotions.

Another blog you can read here (which is even more important in the current global pandemic), got a title
How to Avoid Oxidative Stress and Protect Yourself from Free Radicals There is a lot of intensive research going on to find out the link between the Covid19 high mortality rates of elderly people and the high levels of oxidative stress in their bodies prior the infection.

So, what can we do before the scientists find proof for their theories? The answer is: We can take action now and improve our immunity according to our situation, understanding and health conditions.


Everybody Can Do Something

Yes, everybody can do this. For example, if you are unable to take walks or working in the garden, you can do something else that improves your breathing and exercises your lungs: singing and laughing. There are some key habits of a healthy lifestyle that are vital for a strong immunity: good quality of sleep, regular meals, drinking enough water, regular exercise and spending time outdoors. Pick up one and make it into a habit. Then, focus on another behaviour or food and you can be sure your immune system will become better over time.


Fall In Love With Superfoods

Did you hear about Adele’s new physical transformation? Part of her special diet has been some superfoods such as blueberries, strawberries, kale, walnuts, dark chocolate and turmeric. You don’t need to follow any diet, but why not to pick up two or three superfoods and fall in love with them? My favourite superfoods are blueberries, walnuts, dark chocolate and turmeric. I eat them often and my cravings for unhealthy snacks are almost non-existing. It’s so easy to fall in love with superfoods!


The Key Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs in One Immunity Capsule

There is another thing you can do to improve your immune system. You can take one capsule full of natural ingredients that contain all the most important vitamins for immunity. Our naturopathic dietitians designed a special immunity formula that includes natural sources of vitamins C, B6, D2. It also includes vitamin E, zinc and selenium that help to protect cells from oxidative stress. Additionally, it contains good bacteria culture to keep your digestion healthy – a healthy gut is more than important for the immune system. Apart from vitamins, minerals and bacteria culture, there are 12 herbs and Reishi mushrooms included in the mix. If you want to find more, please click on this link: Immunity++

Keep Safe, Keep Healthy and Take Care!


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