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Alzheimer’s Disease is Largely Preventable by Dietary Intervention

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The link between faulty nutrition and Alzheimer's disease has been known for two decades at least. An interesting scientific paper (published in 2004 in Radcliffe Medical Press by Patrick Holford) with a title "Alzheimer's And Dementia: The Nutrition Connection is the main source for this blog post.

Lots of interesting information is circulating online regarding the importance of certain nutrition for the brain to prevent AD. Some experts even claim that the main cause of Alzheimer's disease is the "starvation of the brain". Since 2004, many more scientific papers have been written suggesting that Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is largely preventable by dietary intervention.

So, why aren't doctors prescribing a special diet to prevent and reverse AD? Here's a YouTube video by NutritionFacts.org from 2015 that explains in details why it's difficult for researchers to bring out scientifically based recommendations.  As a result, doctors will seldom give any advice to help the general public to make dietary changes in order to prevent this terrible disease.


A Complex Disease With Many Contributory Factors

According to Holford (2004) the contributory factors to the development of Alzheimer's disease are related to a) nutrition b) digestion and c) other factors such as genetic predisposition, prolonged stress and elevated cortisol, viral infections, inflammation and excess aluminium, copper and mercury.

Lots of studies support a theory that the degenerative process behind AD is caused by inflammation.  This happens in the body as a result of excess exposure to oxidants as well as a lack of antioxidants. Inflammation can also be caused by too much stress, poor digestion and high levels of homocysteine.

A Healthy Diet, Supplements And Digestive Health

For those who have been waiting for a miracle cure for AD while watching their friends and relatives waisting away before they die - the most important information is about prevention. We can, for example, filter our water and avoid aluminium packaging and aluminium cookware. We can work on avoiding stress, make sure we get enough sleep and exercise a bit more each day. Most of all, we can take steps to improve our diet and take more care of our digestive system.

To prevent inflammation through good nutrition, our diet has to provide a sufficient amount of:

1) antioxidant nutrients

2) omega-3 fatty acids

3) B vitamins

4) acetylcholine

It's also vital to focus on alkalising our diet to reach the ideal acid-alkaline balance in our body - which is measurable as blood pH of 7.2.

Finally, it's important to treat digestive problems such as

1) Indigestion

2) Nutrient malabsorption

3) Poor liver detoxification

We can educate ourselves about all these important health-related issues and improve our diet and lifestyle to make sure we won't be part of the horrible statistics predicted in the UK: 1 million people by 2025 and 2 million by 2051 will be suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


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