Welcome To Our Strictly Vegan Zone!

As more and more people are becoming vegans we have designed an entire section dedicated only to vegans and veganism. We have realized early on that veganism isn’t just a passing fad but a phenomenon that has to do with a worldview and attitude towards life as a whole.

We have structured our content for both experienced vegans and those who want to learn more about healthy vegan diet.  Becoming vegan isn’t something you do overnight because your body needs to adjust to it as well as you need to learn a whole new lifestyle. We created “easily digestible” information for complete beginners because we wish everybody a smooth and comfortable transition to veganism.

In each section, you can find useful information as well as our selection of products related to it.

Here you can find a wide range of products suitable for vegans:
1) nutrient-dense powders in capsules made from whole foods, superfoods and herbs
2) plant-based protein powders mixed with herbs
3) soya-based protein powder, fortified with minerals and vitamins (B12)
4) gentle detox and colon cleansing products
5) superfoods capsules suitable for vegans
6) products designed for weight loss and digestive health
7) herbal food supplements